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Happy Client Show Podcast

Happy Client Show

Podcast hosted by Andrew Dymski & Ben Butler

What to Do When Clients Perpetually Miss Deadlines

As an agency, it's undoubtedly going to happen one day ... The client is late! 

It could be a payment, a piece of content or approval on a piece of content. The result? Your revenue pipeline is thrown off or your campaign loses its invaluable momentum. 

So how does an agency prevent and attempt to avoid past-the-deadline situation?

Before we dive into the semantics, be sure to check yourself as an agency. If you, and your team, are chronically late on your obligations then you have some serious work to do. Grab the reigns on your operations and do what's necessary to get your team on track. If you aren't going to be on time, don't expect your clients to be either. 

In either situation, missed deadlines cause friction. And friction causes client fires, so it's important to handle these instances strategically. 

Overview of this Episode

In this episode we discuss: 

  • How you should set expectations up front about deadlines for both content and payment
  • The importance of charging and enforcing late fees on invoices
  • Steps to shape your process to gather content up front and to mitigate continual client contribution
  • The power of weekly meetings to keep things on track
  • What to do if clients are chronically late on content or approvals
  • Why you need to communicate repercussion of late work
  • When you should halt service due to late payments

Big Concepts

  • You absolutely must set the expectations on deadline up front. If you don't communicate it, assume the client doesn't know about it. 
  • Don't work if you don't get paid. 

Resources Mentioned

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Ben Butler, APR

Ben Butler, APR

I take my coffee black, my cars manual, and my experiences by the handful. Through these experiences, I've had the opportunity to manage client relationships and projects for marketing agencies. I'm excited to share stories from the trenches to help you lead and manage more fruitful client partnerships.