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Inbound Agency Journey Podcast

Inbound Agency Journey

Podcast hosted by Andrew Dymski & Gray MacKenzie

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How to Lose Your Business in a Fire to Building Your Dream Agency

In this episode of Inbound Agency Journey, Gray interviews Priscilla McKinney about her journey building Little Bird Marketing.

From losing her agency in a fire and running multiple businesses, to working with Will Ferrell. Priscilla brings a ton of stories about her life in business and the agency world.

Here are the main takeaways from the interview.

Use Your Own Services

Like many inbound agencies, Priscilla was looking for better ways to generate leads and track her online success for her own business. That's when she came across HubSpot.

Her team quickly took to the inbound methodology and had success and then begin selling it to clients. She transitioned into a HubSpot partner from there.

As an agency, it’s important that you focus on your marketing efforts as well. Priscilla also developed her product offering based on what she needed to get her agency going. She saw that other companies would have the same needs that she has.

Priscilla was able to build a successful agency by focusing on her own pain points.

Make it Easy to See Results

One of the best uses Priscilla had with HubSpot is the ability to have a dashboard that covers the important numbers for the business.

Numbers like ROI and leads are what matters to the business. Having a convenient way of covering the significant numbers and not getting lost in the weeds will help you build trust with clients.

They will see that you’re focused on their goals and transparent with what you’re doing.

Focus on Your Strengths

Priscilla talks about how her team is nimble, but focus on what they do best. For her team, they’re good at coming up with creative ideas related to a product. They’re able to see the potential in a client’s project for creative marketing.

This has led to them having great successes for clients and creating award winning marketing.

By focusing on their strengths, Little Bird Marketing is better able to serve their clients and deliver results.

Find Ways to Connect

Priscilla also explains the importance of marketing efforts for her agency, specifically her podcast. It’s been a great tool to help her connect with other agency owners and thought leaders in the marketing space.

This has helped her find partnerships, encounter new ideas, create great content for her agency, and build her network all at the same.

In the agency space, it’s important to build your network and reputation. You will find other great agencies to work with, learn from a wide variety of perspectives and gain insights to better build your business.

Tristan Ruml

Tristan Ruml

I focus on DoInbound’s growth and marketing. I've worked with a variety of start-ups and businesses to achieve fast growth, increase their revenue, and become more profitable. When I'm not working on DoInbound, I'm outside, traveling or reading.