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Inbound Sales Journey Podcast

Inbound Sales Journey

Podcast hosted by Ryan Herman & Gray MacKenzie

How to Use Live Events to Sell Your Agency's Services

This episode of Inbound Sales Journey is a special one. We are so excited to have our first guest join us and share some great insights. Our guest this episode is Larry Levenson. 

Larry is the Chief Inbound Officer at Sensible Solutions, an inbound agency located in Phoenix, Arizona. We asked Larry to join us on Inbound Sales Journey to share with you a unique way he has been acquiring new customers. 

Inbound PHX

Back in 2014 Larry and his partner Mike Garland decided that they wanted to try hosting a local event in the Phoenix area to help educate local companies about inbound marketing. They had spoken with another agency based in Salt Lake City who had shared with them how hosting a local event they put on each quarter had allowed them to become thought leaders in the area and helped to expand their business.

This paved the way for Larry and Mike to create Inbound PHX. The intention of the event is to help educate local companies about inbound marketing. The event is not focused on selling HubSpot and it's new features like many local HUG groups do, but more general education for local folks.

Larry and Mike host the event once per quarter. Each time they host an event they invite around 80 local people to join them. They gather speakers form the area and have brought in local sponsors to help cover the costs. The event is free to attend and a great way to invite new leads they identify as potential prospects to come and get to know them in person. 

Why Your Agency Should Host Local Events

Hosting a local event is more than just a way to gather new prospects. It sets you apart in the community as a thought leader. Larry and Mike rarely speak at the events of the welcoming and dismissing the crowds. Instead they bring in talented local speakers and simply by hosting the event it showcases them as local area leaders in the inbound space. 

Putting on an event every quarter is a lot of work. It took Larry and Mike considerable effort to come up with a streamlined and documented process to pull it off. At the end of the interview Larry graciously agreed to share this process with you and your agency simply as a way to help the community. Feel free to reach out to Larry via email. His address is listed below.  

Do yourself a favor and listen to this awesome interview in it's entirety. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to any of us.  

See you next week!


How to Connect with Us:

Larry Levenson: larry @ sensiblemarketing.com






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