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Inbound Sales Journey Podcast

Inbound Sales Journey

Podcast hosted by Ryan Herman & Gray MacKenzie

The Process to Help Your Sales Team Create Awesome Content

Having your sales team involved in the content creation process at your agency is imperative. Once we decide it's time to get the sales team involved the big question then becomes, how?

There are different levels of involvement and you and your sales reps need to decide what level of involvement is best for them. Some sales reps are gifted writers and should be actively involved in content creation. Others may be too busy to write so we just need an efficent way for them to pass ideas to the marketing team. 

Create a Process

Whatever the level of involvement the sales team will participate in, you need to have a clear process in place for how the sales reps interact and share ideas with the marketing team. In most cases the sales reps won't be doing the writing, and their primary involvment will come in the form of gathering and sharing content ideas.

The sales team is on the front lines everyday answer commonly asked questions that are a gold mine for content ideas. Just think about how much better the quality of leads sales would receieve if prospects could self-educate the commonly asked questions and come in with a deeper knowledge of your services.

If there isn't a clear process, it isn't going to happen.

At our agency we developed a document that the sales team can fill in and send off to the marketing team as a content idea. Any time they get off of a sales call and it triggers a good idea for content creation they write it in the document and send it over to marketing.

Free Template

As a gift to our listeners we went a head and created a page where you can download and use this template for your sales team. You can go ahead and snag a copy of it here.


If you have any helpful tips to share with the community about how you have leveraged your sales teams knowledge and ideas as content pieces feel free to share below!

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